Daring 1.25" (32mm) Straight Wand

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Daring 1.25" (32mm) Straight Wand


- Large waves, soft and subtle, bombshell, wide curls, natural, chic, effortless, full length, relaxed, beachy, sophisticated

What’s it made of?

Titanium provides maximum curl and heat retention. It has the strongest ionic output and delivers unsurpassed heat distribution. Our Titanium plating heats up quickly and features an extra hard, mirror smooth surface to eliminate pulling and offer corrosion resistant, salon quality styling products.

All of our wands include a protective tip to help prevent direct contact with the hot tool while styling.

What’s it best for?

Thick/coarse and harder to tame hair. For professional use and long lasting, snag-free styling.

Why go clipless?

Clipless barrels provide the freedom to wrap the hair many different ways especially for less experienced users who may not know how to maneuver a clip!

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