Cadence 1" (25mm) Straight Wand

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Cadence 1" (25mm) Straight Wand


- Medium sized curls, curl-wave, princess, mermaid, beachy, romantic, bohemian, glam

What’s it made of?

Our Tourmaline infused ceramic tools use negative ion technology to seal the hair cuticle and lock in moisture and shine. Crushed Tourmaline gemstones are fused into the ceramic barrel which increases the ionic output to eliminate frizz even further. Infrared heat technology quickly warms the hair from the inside out, resulting in smooth styled hair.

All of our wands include a protective tip to help prevent direct contact with the hot tool while styling.

What’s it best for?

Everyday use on all hair types, from fine to coarse.

Why go clipless?

Clipless barrels provide the freedom to wrap the hair many different ways especially for less experienced users who may not know how to maneuver a clip!

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